Dogs 'cause 3 arguments per week'

Wednesday, 11th January 2012

People argue over pet dogs around three times every week, or 2,000 times over the course of its lifetime, according to new research.

Issues such as how many dog food treats to give it, who should walk it and what to do with the animal when the owners go away on holiday are all problems that lead to arguments.

That is according to esure, which also found that one of the biggest causes of arguments is discipline, with 18 per cent of couples falling out when one person thinks the other is being too tough with the dog.

Other tiffs arise from cleaning up mess and whether or not the dog should be allowed on the bed.

Nikki Sellers, from esure, said: "Owning a dog is not dissimilar to having a baby.

"Round-the-clock care and responsibility throughout a dog’s life can become tiresome for any pet owner but should never be overlooked.

"Maintaining a dog's physical health through exercise plus regular stimulation to avoid them running riot around the house should at least help avoid some arguments."