Dog training centre recommends limiting dog food treats

Friday, 1st July 2011

Aside from what dog food owners feed their pets, there are certain rules they should abide by to ensure they are getting the correct nutrition, according to Mark Siebel, owner of Doggie Steps Dog Training.

Mr Siebel has highlighted the importance of a good diet for pets and stated that it is vital in the providing optimum protection against diseases.

He said: "A good diet helps dogs fight disease, grow proportionately and mature/age gracefully. Size, breed, skin sensitivity, coat, digestive sensitivity and other factors will impact a dog's ideal nutritional needs."

Pet owners should also be aware of the importance of limiting treats and only offer them during training or as a reward, Mr Siebel said.

He went on to suggest that owners give a dry bone or kibble as treats and stressed the importance of avoiding dog raisins, grapes and chocolate.

Doggie Steps Dog Training suggests "positive reinforcement, deep voice tone, strong body posture, and grunts" as effective ways to help train canine friends.