Dog ownership 'has a multitude of benefits'

Tuesday, 22nd March 2011

People considering investing in dog food by getting a pooch may benefit from improved physical and mental health.

That is according to Heidi Ancell, spokeswoman for the Kennel Club, the UK's largest organisation dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs.

Ms Ancell claims that promoting dog ownership could help to encourage people to be more active, but she was also keen to stress that people must be aware of the responsibilities that come with owning a dog.

She said: "If people are prepared for the responsibilities of dog ownership then there are a multitude of benefits.

"Not only do dog owners have a duty to walk their dogs on a regular basis but for many people dogs also act as a motivator, getting them out and about in the fresh air more often than they otherwise would."

Ms Ancell added that dog owners have a responsibility to walk their pooch at least once a day, but that research by the Kennel Club has found that one in five dogs do not get a daily walk.