Dog of the millennium set to star in TV show

Monday, 7th January 2013

Former Royal Navy serviceman Allen Parton, who set up a website for his helper Labrador Endal Junior – nicknamed EJ – lauding him as the 'Dog of the Millennium', is now set to feature alongside his faithful companion in a new documentary entitled 'The Secret Life of Dogs'.

Having suffered severe injuries in the Gulf War, Mr Parton says the help he received from EJ has enabled him to get his life back on track, inspiring him to set up the charity Hounds for Heroes, which raises money to cover the training costs of helper dogs for injured service people.

Struggling to deal with his injuries, Mr Parton says he was "beyond human help", but that EJ's "unconditional love has healed so many of the hurts".

The new documentary aims to give a unique insight into canine behaviour, shedding light on issues such as how they manage to catch frisbees and how their personality can be affected by the way their fur curls.

While dogs can provide vital emotional and physical support for humans in need, it is essential for owners to return the favour and supply their animals with the correct pet food and pet medications to keep them happy and healthy.