Dog food research reveals pet intelligence

Monday, 11th February 2013

You may want to make sure you keep your dog food locked up nice and tight after new research revealed some barking mad findings when it comes to pooch intelligence.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth's Department of Psychology recently conducted an experiment of on 42 female and 42 male domestic dogs to assess their overall smarts.

Pooches that were comfortable without their owners in the room were used in the study, which looked at resistance levels of food.

In each instance, someone was on hand to forbid them from taking a sample dog food.

On every occasion, one of a series of variables was changed before the process was repeated, with light levels among the factors changed on each occasion.

Researchers soon discovered that dogs were four times more likely to disobey the human voice and take the food in darker settings.

The findings suggest that show dogs can differentiate between light and dark and whether the owner can in fact see them.

Study leader Dr Julianne Kaminiski told the Daily Mail: "What we've revealed is incredible because it implies dogs understand the human can't see them.

"This means they might understand the human perspective."