Doberman in need of foster home where he can gain weight

Friday, 13th January 2012

A Doberman is in need of a foster home where he can be fed enough dog food to get him to a healthy weight, the RSPCA has said.

The six-year-old animal, named Tyler, is too thin to be rehomed at the moment and the charity has said it will supply all of the dog food that Tyler needs to get him to put on weight.

He is currently living at the West Hatch Animal and Willdlife Centre near Taunton. Anita Clark, deputy manager of the centre, said: "Tyler is a nice dog but he has not had an easy start to his life and he really needs to be fostered so he can continue to gain weight and get more one-to-one attention."

She added that once Tyler has reached his ideal weight, the vet can sign him off. After this, the foster family will have the opportunity to adopt him permanently if they wish to.

The ideal home would be cat-free and with someone with experience of larger breeds. There also needs to be someone at home for a lot of the day has he gets worried when he is left alone.