Couple reunited with dog after paying £1,000 ransom

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

A couple from Tottenham have revealed the ordeal they went through after their dog was stolen from their garden and held for ransom.

Jonathan Shuttleworth and his girlfriend Elizabeth were cleaning their house while their dog Sir Vincent Noodle was taken from them, reports the Haringey Independent.

Days later they receive a call demanding £1,000 for the safe return of their dog, who is also known as Vinnie.

After confirming the dog was Vinne, the couple paid the £1,000 and their pet was returned safely to them.

Elizabeth told the news provider: "I have heard of this happening before - it was my worst nightmare ... some friends of mine never got their dog back after it was stolen.

"That dog was like a child to me and I am hoping in a few weeks he will forget about it."

Mr Shuttleworth added that it is amazing to have Vinnie back and he was "miserable" the whole time he was missing.

The police are investigating the crime and the couple hope that Vinnie will return to himself soon as since the ordeal he has been on edge and clingy.