Choose a dog to suit your lifestyle

Tuesday, 16th April 2013

So, you've decided that you want a dog, but which breed do you go for?

Writing for The Huffington Post, professional dog trainer Sarah Hodgson advised people to consider the purpose of the breed or mixed breed and whether it will fit into their lifestyle.

For example, hunting and retrieving canines have bags of energy and thrive when they have a purpose, whereas companion dogs like to be pampered.

What's more, as well as looking at your current situation, think about where your life will be five years from now.

If you see babies or grandchildren down the road, it's important that your canine is used to kids early on, she suggested.

Sarah explains that there is no ideal age to get a dog. Regardless of how old they are the necessary time has to be put in so that they are trained to eat dog food and not your table leg and such like.

Lastly, when picking your pet, only pick one at a time as they will be easier to teach. And don't forget to consider whether its personality will jive with yours, Sarah noted.