Cheap pet adoption in return for dog food

Wednesday, 29th June 2011

An animal shelter in the US is offering people the chance to adopt a potential pet at discounted prices in return for dog or cat food, reports.

The website stated that anyone who is thinking of adopting from the Carroll County Animal Shelter and Humane Society will be helping an animal to find a home as well as "moving pets out during one of the slowest months".

Teresa Leslie, incoming president of the local Humane Society, said: "You cannot [normally] get a pet, take it to the vet and get all this done for $20 (£12.50) or $40 (£25).

The pet food that people bring to the shelter will go towards the Humane Society's Empty Bowls program, which was began in response to a survey which revealed that people needed help towards the cost of feeding their pets.

Businesses in the area provided the initial cat and dog food and some donated money to help get the programme up and running.

Some 11 million US citizens support the Humane Society of the United States making it America's largest animal protection organisation.