Charity criticises failings of Dangerous Dogs Act

Friday, 12th August 2011

Responsible owners who take care of their pooches with high quality dog food and plenty of walks may be concerned that a charity has criticised the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The Blue Cross has said the Dangerous Dogs Act is still failing to prevent attacks on children, 20 years after it was first introduced.

A public consultation on dangerous dogs last year found that 78 per cent of respondents would like to see a better law in place.

However, the government has not announced plans to address these issues.

Steve Goody, director of external affairs at The Blue Cross, says: "This legislation is still failing to properly protect the public and particularly our children.

"Animal charities have been highlighting the weaknesses of this law for years but now the public has spoken and it is time for the government to act."

The Blue Cross is calling for a comprehensive overhaul of the law in terms of dangerous dogs.