Battersea inviting former residents to reunion

Friday, 5th August 2011

Pooches that used to eat their daily dog food in one of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home rescue centres have been invited to a special reunion.

The charity will be hosting its annual reunion on September 4th and is expecting around 4,000 people and their pooches to attend.

Families can take part in dog shows, competitions, games for children and dogs, as well as a number of stalls to browse.

This year, Battersea is also seeking out it's Home's Hero - a dog that has done something special to make them an even better addition to the family.

A statement from the charity said: "It could be anything from getting your newspaper for you every morning, to helping you cross the street or even saving you from a fire!

"Whatever your pet dog has done which puts him nose and whiskers above the rest, now is your chance to say a special thank you."

The winning pooch will be invited as a special guest to the reunion and will feature on the Battersea website and its magazine, Paws.