Availability of dog food 'a concern' in Japan

Friday, 25th March 2011

The availability of dog food is of "concern" for pooches in Japan following the tsunami and earthquake, which took place on March 10th.

Since the natural disaster, numerous dogs have had to fend for themselves after being separated from their owners, reports npr.org.

Sugano Hoso, from the Japan branch of the US-based United Kennel Club, is quoted as saying: "This is a big calamity for pets, along with people.

"Many are on their own, and many more are trapped in evacuated areas where people have left.

"We have requested the government allow us into those zones to rescue dogs, but the government isn't listening to us."

Ms Hoso explained that her group is now distributing dog food and other supplies where it can.

The news provider reveals that donated pet foods are being placed outside an evacuee centre in Fukushima for people to pick up and give out to hungry pets.