Age of pet important when buying cat and dog food

Thursday, 17th February 2011

When buying either cat food or dog food, pet owners should take their four-legged friend's age into account.

That is according to an article on on, which found that many people do not consider their pet's age when buying food.

This suggestion follows research by Iams, which revealed that only 11 per cent of dog and cat owners in the US consider their pet's age as important when they are selecting a type of food.

Findings show that 36 per cent of owners seek the expert opinion of a vet when it comes to buying dog and cat food and that 30 per cent consider the ingredients.

Price was cited as the most important factor by 25 per cent of owners.

Dr Nelson, a member of the Iams Pet Wellness Council, told the news provider: "When choosing a food for your cat or dog it is important to select a diet that has the right ingredients for that stage of your pet's life.

"Diet requirements … vary over the life of a pet and, in turn, an animal's needs change as he grows from a puppy or kitten."