A dog REALLY is for life, not just for Christmas

Monday, 24th December 2012

As people race to the shops to get their last-minute Christmas shopping done, vets and animal shelters around the country are re-iterating the message that dogs should absolutely not be given as gifts unless the recipient is guaranteed to be able to look after them for life.

Writing in the Galloway Gazette, vet Jo Gourlay has warned against the prospect of a large numbers being abandoned shortly after the festive period, and says this can have a devastating impact on a pet’s confidence and quality of life.

Ms Gourlay recalls how her own rescue dog suffered from severe anxiety for a long time, causing her to regularly vomit and drool, and resulting in her needing to be on a specialised diet due to her constant digestive problems and inability to gain weight.

The Dogs Trust will be closing its doors over Christmas in an effort to discourage people from giving dogs as gifts to those who can not care for them, and is urging everyone to think long and hard before making the decision to buy a pet over the festive period.