Crufts kicks off in style

Friday, 8th March 2013

With the weather playing havoc on owners' plans by causing dogs' fur to frizz up in the rain, visitors to the first day of Crufts were treated to some rather bizarre sights as pets arrived in raincoats, wetsuits and even onesies in an attempt to stay dry.

The largest and most prestigious dog show of the year kicked off yesterday (March 7th) in Birmingham, featuring a record number of foreign competitors as proof that the event is now very much a global affair.

A total of 2,131 dogs from 41 overseas countries are set to compete, many from nations which have never participated before, while 13 new breeds will also be featured.

For the first time, the Kennel Club has decided to include a mongrel category in the competition, in response to criticisms that the organisation had been promoting pedigree breeding practices which left some dogs with health problems.