Unusual 'gifts' given by cats revealed

Monday, 8th August 2011

Most cat owners are aware that their moggy will bring them in 'presents', such as dead mice, to say thank you for their cat food, scratch posts and all the other things they are spoiled with.

However, some of the more unusual gifts given by cats have been revealed by Cats Protection, the Belfast Telegraph has reported.

One owner was brought a string of Christmas tree lights, another a pair of playboy bunny ears and another was treated to a £10 note.

Maggie Roberts, director of veterinary services at the charity, explained that the domestic cat came from the African Wild Cat, which set out a large territory but always kept a "safe area" where it could take its prey.

She is quoted by the news provider as saying: "This is how the domestic cats view their owner's house.

"Most of the objects they find mimic their quarry in some way by their texture, such as the feathers of a shuttlecock or the fluttering movement of leaves and bank notes.

"Although quite how Christmas lights could be mistaken for prey is mystifying."