Rescued cat travelled the channel

Tuesday, 12th June 2012

A European-wide search was launched recently after a cat's microchip revealed that she should have been in France.

Tiggy was taken to the Blue Cross's Tiverton rehoming centre where it was discovered she had a French microchip. Details on the chip meant that the owner was no longer traceable.

It is unclear if Tiggy was relocated to the UK with her family or if she decided to sample life across the channel by hitching a ride.

Sarah Busse, Tiverton centre manager, said: "We have to be extra careful if an animal may have come from another country and we don’t know what vaccinations they have had because of the small risk of rabies."

However, after using contacts in the UK and France, they tracked down Tiggy's owner, Lynn Garnett.

Ms Garnett said that her cat had only been in the country for a few weeks so she must have been confused by her new environment.

She thanked the Blue Cross for returning her cat and added that she will be getting Tiggy's microchip details updated and added to a UK database as soon as possible.