Real life cat burglar caught after 18 month crime wave

Thursday, 20th September 2012

A real life cat burglar who has terrorised his neighbours over the last 18 months has finally been caught on CCTV.

The two-year-old cat, named Denis, has been dubbed Denis the Menace by his neighbours after stealing clothes and household goods and taking them back to his owner Lesley Newman.

Ms Newman said: "It started off as a sock and some paper, but gradually escalated. It wasn't just lighter items like a pair of pants, there were heavier things such as a Barbie doll in and a bath towel.

"He has completely filled two large boxes. I would say he has taken well over 100 things now."

Once Denis stole a sandal from a neighbour's garden and returned the following week to take the other one.

The most expensive item Denis has pinched is a Fred Perry polo shirt, while other items include paintbrushes, a football and a thong.

Cat behaviourist Vicky Halls explained that she believes Denis’ behaviour is basic hunting instinct, but added that she thinks he has become a bit of a "huntaholic".