Reading firefighters save the day with cat food

Wednesday, 16th February 2011

Cat food was used by Reading firefighters to rescue a frightened feline that had become stuck in a car engine.

After hearing a strange sound coming from the bonnet of the car, a motorist called the rescue service to the Morrisons petrol station in Rose Kiln Lane, The Reading Chronicle reports.

James McGuinnity, who was on the rescue team, told the news provider: "The gentleman who called us was worried about damage to the car, because it was a hire car from London.

"The cat was frightened, so we went and bought some cat food and milk from the garage and managed to coax him out without having to take the car apart."

Following the rescue, the lucky black cat was taken to the local RSPCA centre to recover.

This follows recent news that a lost dog from the Reading area, who had been missing for two weeks, was lured back with dog food.