New tracking device could give owners an insight into their pets' nocturnal activities

Thursday, 28th March 2013

If only animals could talk, they'd probably have a load of interesting stories to tell about all the things they get up to after the sun goes down. But since they can't, many owners are left in the dark over what their animals do at night.

This is particularly true of cat owners, who often worry about their pet getting into trouble or danger when they're out roaming the streets.

However, the cat could soon be let out of the bag after one inquisitive owner from Wiltshire invented a GPS tracking device which sits on an animal's collar and allows guardians to keep an eye on all their movements.

Dave Evans says he decided to create the gadget after noticing that his cat Gizmo had begun putting on weight despite the fact that he had been feeding him less pet food, the Sun reports.

"Now I know he travels a couple of miles a day, where he goes at night and who’s feeding him. I know he also enjoys chasing chickens at 6am every morning and can see his favourite hang-outs," said Mr Evans.