Mystery as Romanian cat turns up in Suffolk

Thursday, 29th November 2012

Animal welfare workers in Suffolk have launched an appeal to find a new home for a young cat with a colourful history.

Mimi the kitten was recently found looking lost in the village of Cransford, with a local branch of Cats Protection picking her up and bringing her to their branch in the nearby town of Framlingham.

However, hopes of reuniting her with her owners were soon dashed after a quick scan revealed that her chip was issued in Romania, around 1,300 miles away.

While it is not known how Mimi got to Suffolk, what is known is that she will make a great pet, especially once she calms down a bit.

"She’s a very small cat, so it’s difficult to say how old she is but we think around five months,” Irene Mulley of Cats Protection told the East Anglia Daily Times.

“She sometimes jumps onto your shoulders so whoever takes her will have to have a lot of patience.”

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, a family in Windsor, Canada, is celebrating after their missing cat turned up across the border in the state of Michigan.