'Lucky' cat has airgun pellet removed from nose

Tuesday, 29th November 2011

A lucky cat may well be being spoiled with cat food treats after having a pellet removed from her nose, a year after being shot.

Lucky was rescued by Mrs Cook in 2010, who noticed a lump in her shoulder at the time. It was removed and turned out to be an airgun pellet.

However, a few weeks ago Lucky began sneezing blood, so Mrs Cook took her to the vet, where an X-ray showed she had a pellet stuck up her nostril.

Nihal Kay, the vet that treated Lucky, says: "It's amazing that the pellet didn’t cause a more serious injury, it was so close to her eye.

"And it's incredible that it could have been there for more than a year without causing her any problems."

"The pellet was really difficult to remove, but we managed it in the end."

She added that Lucky must be feeling much happier now. Mrs Cook said she is appalled that anyone could be so cruel to an animal.