Long arm of the paw: Cat burglar unmasked

Tuesday, 5th March 2013

Cats can be a secretive and mysterious bunch, roaming around after dark and getting up to all sorts of mischief. Waking up to a 'special gift' such as a dead mouse or some other souvenir of the night's activities is something many owners have experienced, leaving us all scratching our heads over what exactly they get up to when we're asleep.

But the game is up for one Welsh moggy named Wogan, after locals caught him red-pawed in the act of stealing clothes, bringing an end to the long-running mystery of missing items.

Speaking to ITV News, Wogan's owner Holly Evans admitted that her feline friend had been taking clothes from neighbours' washing lines in a number of nocturnal raids, although when one local resident deliberately left out a tea towel with a specific message written on it for Wogan to steal he could no longer maintain his innocence.

Fortunately, neighbours will not be pressing charges against the thieving moggy and no privileges such as cat food or treats will be revoked.