Lilies 'fatal to cats', vet warns

Wednesday, 22nd June 2011

People who adore their kitties and buy them the best cat food must make sure that their beloved four-legged friend does not come into contact with lilies.

This is because a vet has warned that the flowers are poisonous to cats after a local moggy died after eating part of the lilies, the Eastbourne Herald reports.

Sisco collapsed after eating the flower and was rushed to the vets, but sadly died a week later.

Menna Field, a vet at the St Anne's Veterinary Group, told the news provider: "We are now trying to increase the awareness surrounding lilies. It isn't just the pollen that is deadly, it's the entire plant.

"It is not clearly labelled in shops that the plants are toxic to cats and many people aren't aware. We're hoping to get the major supermarkets to label the flowers much more clearly."

Symptoms that arise after a cat has eaten lilies include vomiting, depression and loss of appetite. These will surface between half-an-hour and two hours after ingestion.

Dr Field added that the faster treatment can be given, the higher the success rate.