Kitties fussy over cat food

Thursday, 14th April 2011

A concerned owner has revealed that her kitties are fussy about what kind of cat food they eat.

Writing into vet Pete Wedderburn at the Daily Telegraph, the reader explained that she normally buys expensive cat food, but if this is unavailable, then her cats refuse to eat cheaper brands.

In response, Dr Wedderburn revealed that their fussy behaviour may be partially due to personal preferences, but that it could also be to do with the quality of the ingredients.

He wrote: "In general, cheaper food contains cheaper ingredients, which tend to be poorer quality, so the final product may not be as tasty as the more expensive versions.

"It's worth taking time to read pet food labels, to find out precisely what they contain. You should be able to understand precisely what's in the sachets, tins or biscuits."

In order to make people more aware of the ingredients in pet food, a group of individuals set up the Campaign for Real Pet Food, which aims to make people aware of what their four-legged friend is eating.