How to train cats to cope with car journeys

Friday, 19th August 2011

Cat food treats can be used to help train your cat to get used to car journeys.

That is according to Pete Wedderburn, a vet and columnist writing for the Daily Telegraph.

Dr Wedderburn was asked by a reader if there is any way to help a cat get used to car journeys as their feline friend "gets upset" when it needs to go in a car.

In response, the vet wrote: "The best answer is to spend time in advance allowing him to grow used to being in his cage in the car while it is stationary or on frequent short trips.

"Give him treats to help him associate the car with pleasant experiences, but make sure that you do this when he is hungry, so that he really appreciates them."

He also suggests speaking to a vet about the pet medication Zylkene, which is a calming tablet.

Zylkene is a natural remedy based on a protein extracted from milk.

Installing a comfortable soft bed with a heat pad may also help, Dr Wedderburn said, as this provides them with somewhere to snooze during journeys.