Hotel cat put on leash following visit from Department of Health

Friday, 25th November 2011

A New York cat who lives in a hotel has had to find somewhere else to eat its cat food after a visit from the Department of Health.

The Algonquin Hotel has had a cat living in its lobby with free reign of the hotel for over 70 years. Its current cat, Matilda, is so popular she even has her own email address and Twitter account.

However, the Department of Health said the cat cannot wander around the hotel anymore because of its food facilities.

Matilda is now confined to a leash behind the check-in desk. She must now eat and sleep in a designated area.

Alice de Almeida, the hotel's chief cat master, told the Daily Mail: "She was going everywhere - including the men's restroom - so now she is on a strict training schedule.

"She has a little bed with her food and water where people come in to see her, not just those who are staying at the hotel but those who pass by on the street."

The Algonquin Hotel was named a New York City Historic Landmark in 1987.