Hitchhiking cat ends up 255 miles from home

Tuesday, 3rd April 2012

A hitchhiking cat that took a nap in a van woke up 225 miles from his home in Stockton.

TC awoke to find himself in Suffolk after he crawled into a van that was owned by a neighbour's friend, reports gazettelive.co.uk.

Lisa Skerritt, TC’s owner, feared that her pet had been killed when he did not come home for three days.

Luckily, however, her neighbour, Rowena Harrison, came around to ask if she had had a fat black and white cat go missing.

Ms Skerritt told the news provider: "When she said: 'He's in Suffolk,' I said: 'Which number - I’ll walk over and get him.' I thought she meant Suffolk Street over the road. She said: 'No - Suffolk the county!'"

She added that TC has had a his holiday away now so hopefully he won't be going on any travels again.

Ms Harrison said that her friend with the van had no idea where the cat had come from or how he had got in.