Dumped kittens rescued from farm

Tuesday, 26th June 2012

Two kittens who had been abandoned with no cat food or water were rescued after being discovered in a shed on an Aberdeenshire farm.

The animals, who have been called Banana and Custard, were found in a cardboard box by the owner of Mary Culter Organic Farm.

Lynne Craib, animal rescue officer for the Scottish SPCA, said: "Poor Banana and Custard had been left without any food or water and were understandably distressed.

"We don’t think they had been there for too long before they were found and they’re in good overall condition which suggests someone has been looking after them until very recently."

She added that whoever abandoned them would have had to jump over a locked gate but no one saw anything.

The kittens were only just old enough to be separated from their mum, so they must have been ver frightened, Ms Craib said.

Thankfully, the kittens have recovered well and are almost ready to be rehomed with a loving new family.