Charity concerned with rise in abandoned cat numbers

Tuesday, 31st May 2011

A charity in Hull has voiced concerns over the alarming rise in the number of kittens and pregnant cats that are being abandoned.

Animal charity Stepping Stones claims that the number of calls they are receiving over abandoned kitties has doubled, reports

Due to the vast increase, the charity is struggling to buy provisions, such as cat food, litter and bedding.

Charity founder Natalie Boothby said: "People buy a cat for £10 but don't appreciate that vet bills, food and looking after them properly costs a lot more.

"Appealing for foster homes is actually a double-edged sword. We would love people to help us take in animals, but that means we also need more donations of cat litter, food and bedding to care for them."

MS Boothby added that many owners abandon their cats because they cannot cope with the amount of kittens the have and they are unaware of the free neutering options available to them.

Cats Protection recently offered advice on keeping a feline while pregnant, revealing that contrary to popular belief, the chance of contracting a disease from a cat is very small.