Cat finds leopard gecko

Wednesday, 25th January 2012

While most cats bring home mice or small rabbits as gifts for their owners, one West Lothian cat dragged in a leopard gecko, to the surprise of his owner.

Jane Cheney alerted the SSPCA after her cat Mufasa bought the lizard into her home on Sunday night (January 22nd).

She said: "I couldn't believe my eyes. The only way he could have gotten into the house is by Mufasa bringing him in.

"He hasn't brought me any presents in ages. He's a gentle giant so I'm not surprised he didn't hurt the gecko."

Fiona Thorburn, an animal rescue officer, said that the lizard, who has now been called Charlie, may have escaped from his home.

However, she said that they are not ruling out the possibility that he was abandoned.

After Charile was picked up by Mufasa, he dropped his tail, the SSPCA said. This is a defence mechanism that lizards have that helps them to escape from predators. The tail, Ms Thorburn said, will grow back in time.