Cat develops mystery 'living robot' disease

Friday, 20th April 2012

A couple from Scotland are having to give round-the-clock care for their cat, after it developed “robotic cat” illness.

Shona and Allister Sim have become full-time carers for their nine-year-old cat Tinker after he stopped drinking and eating pet food.

Mrs Sim told the Daily Mail that he took Tinker to the vet over a year ago because he "wasn't right", with the animal slowing down and his back legs seeming frozen.

"The vet actually thought at first he had been hit by a car but then she found out he had robotic cat syndrome.

"He forgets to eat, he forgets to drink. We use a syringe to give him water. We live our lives around the cat now," he told the news provider.

There have been 21 reported cases of Tinker’s mystery problem, which has been called Staggering Disease. There is no cure for the illness and most cats survive for about 11 months after developing the first symptoms.