Call for cat owners to help research into urban bird population

Monday, 20th August 2012

Cat owners are being asked to participate in research being done by the University of Reading into urban bird populations.

The University of Reading is looking to find out if domestic cats are having an impact on bird numbers.

Wildlife presenter Chris Packham recently said domestic cats are wrecking natural ecosystems and that there should be cat curfews to help prevent this problem.

Study leader, Dr Phil Baker, from the University's School of Biological Sciences, said: "There has recently been a lot of discussion about the possible impact that domestic cats may be having on urban bird populations.

"However, there is limited data to suggest whether cats are actually having an impact, so through this research we are aiming to produce a more detailed picture of cats' behaviour."

Researchers require people who have cats that bring home prey, as well as those who do not hunt wildlife.

People wishing to participate are being asked to contact Dr Baker on [email protected].