Two cats not getting on

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013
Updated: Sunday 20th January 2013


I have two Ragdoll cats brother and sister. Recently the female has been viscious towards the male and she is spitting at him and tergetting him even when he is sitting sleeping. There is a lot of tension between them. They are both very loving cats but this problem is building a great divide. I have tried ignoring the behaviour, distracting her and tried giving her a row and nothing seems to make any difference. I wondered if he had tried to mount her and maybe she is remembering it. They have been spayed and neutered but I feel she is associating him with something bad and I don't know what to try next. I have had the Feliway plug in for some months. can you suggest anything else? They are two years old they eat Hills Light dry cat food. There are no toilet problems and towards me they are both very loving although the male withdraws from the situation if his sister comes on the scene, I don't want him to get depressed because she is bullying him. When she picks on him he is submissive.


This is a tricky one. Some cats just do not get on well with each other. Some cats would much prefer to be the only cat in the household and want any others to leave.

Feliway was a good idea, but it will not always work. Zylkene is a very safe non-prescription medication which can be given to cats like your female. Sometimes it works. (The contents of one small capsule sprinkled on food every day.)

Failing that you try and provide separate feeding, toileting and resting areas for each cat so that they do not feel cramped together. Not very easy, but might make the female less like wanting to bully the male.