Best quality foods for cats

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013

Our customer asked:

I have a three year old cat 3kg. I would like to feed her a non GMO diet. What cat food do you sell that is GMO free and organic? In a recent study in France where they fed GMO to rats for 2 years, the rats developed massive tumours. Yet more evidence that GMO are harmful to animals and us. From a quick look at your site it appears that Lily's cat food might be suitable.

Our reply:

The best quality diets I recommend for cats which only use premium ingredients are made by Almo Nature, Nature's Menu, Ziwi Peak, Orijen and (as you thought) Lily's Kitchen. Personally I would suggest using a variety of foods, which has nutritional benefits as well as being more interesting for your pet. It also spreads the risk just in case there is something in one of the foods which is not quite perfect. Animals and humans can often cope perfectly well with tiny amounts of something inappropriate. Variety will lessen the impact of this sort of thing. In our terribly polluted world, it is realistically impossible to get completely away from every potentially noxious substance. The best we can hope for is to dilute them with all the good stuff we take in! The high protein/low carbohydrate diets are less likely to make your cat fat too, compared with the cereal-rich diets popular these days. It is also probably slightly healthier for cats to eat mostly moist, not dried foods, so I would bear that in mind.