Does Effipro work against fleas?

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013
Updated: Thursday 6th February 2020

Our customer asked:-
I have bought Effipro from you to treat fleas on my dogs and cats. It has not worked and they are still being eaten alive by fleas. Why is this?

Our response:-

Thank you for your email. I understand your concerns, but the explanation will not be quite as you see it. Effipro and frontline will have the same results. Frontline is used much more than Effipro being the original product. There are lots of people who feel that Frontline does not work either. In fact if you search on the internet about Frontline not working, you will find all sorts of stuff about it. A proportion of people who use any product end up unhappy about how it works, usually because things were allowed to get out of hand before the product was applied. (The company Merial, which makes Frontline, even has an advice line phone number for customers to ring if they are not happy that Frontline is working. The problem is not just with Effipro.)

The truth is that fipronil, which is the active ingredient in both Frontline and Effipro works pretty well at killing fleas on cats and dogs. If there is a large environmental build up of the flea population, it takes months to get rid of them all. New fleas will jump onto your pets, gradually die off, and be replaced by new fleas jumping on. This will be what is happening in your situation I expect. As long as you apply the product carefully and correctly, it will do what it is supposed to do. It will not prevent more fleas jumping onto your pets.

Typically a house with several dogs and cats will have the greatest problems controlling fleas. It is important to use treatment measures BEFORE fleas are seen. This includes treating the animals and using a spray like Indorex to treat the environment too. If you wait until there are loads of fleas present, then the products will still work, but will take quite a while to get rid of them all. You will need to go on treating for fleas, every month, until they are all gone.