Pancrex tablets - what dose to use?

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013
Updated: Thursday 6th February 2020

Our customer asked:-

What is the dose of Pancrex Tablets to use for my 39kg dog?

Our answer:-

There is no fixed dose for this Pancrex tablets. It is intended to replace deficient enzymes produced by your own dog's pancreas. Every dog with this sort of problem will have it to a varying extent. Your dog might produce 10% fewer enzymes, or 90% fewer enzymes, so the amount of supplement needed cannot be predicted.

Essentially you pick a middle sort of dose, then increase of decrease according to effect. There is no problem with even a very large overdose. If you give too little, the food will not be digested well (so the faeces are greasy looking and your dog loses weight).

For your dog I would start with 6 or 8 tablets per day, added to food. Then after a few days you can increase or decrease this.