Dog with Persistent Diarrhoea

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013

Our customer said:-

I have just inherited a 4 year old black labrador dog and been told he is celiac, can you recommend a food for him that will stop him having the runs?

Our response:-

There are a number of suitable diets. It partly depends how accurate the diagnosis is, and how bad your dog is.

There are a number of diets which are free from wheat gluten and very low in any other form, so they might be fine for your dog. The James Wellbeloved range are pretty good and not too expensive.

The Ofijen, Arcana and Ziwi peak ranges of diets are very good for this type of problem and are closer to the dog's wild type diet, which can be of benefit and does seem appealing. They are more expensive.

The most likely to help would probably be one of the processed, hydrolysed diets. These are extremely hypo-allergenic and are often used by vets for dogs with dietary allergies and intolerances. These would include Hills z/d diets and Purina HA.

All these diets are on the website. It is important to prevent your dog eating anything other than the single diet you choose, for at least 8 weeks normally. (Water and the diet, no treats or anything else ideally.) If you then see that the digestion is fine and consistently without any problems, you can gradually add other items to the menu and see if things are upset.