Mild ear cleaner for a Chihuahua

Author: VioVet
Published: Tuesday 2nd April 2013
Updated: Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Our customer asked:

Please could you tell me what product would be best to clean my
Chihuahua's Ears inside. He has some wax building up down inside his ears
just before the ear hole and although it's not bothering him they do smell
slightly waxy. They are not red or itchy and he isn't scratching. I just
want the best product to dissolve the wax as he wont let me use tissue
inside his ears or anything.

Our reply:

The product called CleanAural is ideal for this. It is mild on the ear lining, but good at removing wax. I should try that one. (It might help to put the bottle in your pocket or something for 10 minutes before you use it, so that the liquid is at body temperature before it goes into the ear. Tipping cold liquid into an ear is not always greeted with complete satisfaction!) You then need to try and gently massage against the outside of the ear canal to get some movement inside. When your dog shakes his head afterwards, waxy debris will tend to come out, even if you cannot wipe it clean very easily.