Probiotics for dog with EPI

Author: VioVet
Published: Monday 18th February 2013
Updated: Wednesday 8th January 2014

Our customer asked:

Could you advise on the following please -- we currently give our dog
Panzyme for pancreatic enzyme insufficiency, would it be advisable to
also give her Protexin Professional 5 mg? We find that sometimes she gets
very runny (biscuit colour) stools, even with the Panzym.Or could you
advise any other suitable probiotic for use with the Panzym? She is an 11
year old German Shepherd.

Our reply:

This sometimes happens because the dose of Panzyme needs to be increased. Have you tried this? Many GSDs need an increased dose after a period of time, because of further reductions in their own natural enzyme production. If you want to try a probiotic, any of them should be compatible with any of the pancreatic enzyme products. As it happens, the product Pro-kolin Enterogenic seems to get very good reports for this sort of situation. I would also add that Lypex capsules seem to get the best results for treating pancreatic enzyme insufficiency (EPI) but you might not want to change products. I would consider it though if things are not going as well as you would wish. Some people also find that their GSD benfits from vitamin B12 supplementation. Have you considered this?