Is there a Royal Canin diet to lose weight?

Author: VioVet
Published: Sunday 20th January 2013

Our customer wrote:-

My Lapso Apso is a very poor eater and I was recommended by a colleague that Royal Canine is a good diet. I have tried the wet food by various companies but she will not eat this at all. I have been giving her chicken sticks and duck sticks which she loves but I have been informed that these are very fattening. I was wondering if I could  see how she gets on with the Royal Canine Dry food.

Our reply:-

I am sorry but an overweight and fussy dog is always a product of the feeder (ie you) and nothing else. You are deliberately tempting her to eat when she does not need the food, by offering very tasty foods all the time. "Normal" dog food is boring in comparison so of course she will not eat it. She never gets that hungry! It is like complaining that a child will not eat a proper meal so you have to keep a supply of crisps and Mars bars at his side in case he feels hungry.

I suggest you take a step back and let your dog feel normal hunger. She will not eat normal foods unless that happens. If you cannot do it, your dog will stay fat and perhaps unhealthy on her current diet. The best thing to do would be to offer a normal dog food eg Royal Canin in a small amount, mixed with a quarter of the amount of nice duck or chicken your dog would normally eat in a whole day. That way your dog will not starve. If she is very stubborn, she will eat a quarter of the amount she used to for a few days. Very soon she would decide to eat the Royal Canin. Gradually you stop the inappropriate foods completely.

It is up to you, but there is no commercial dog food which will be as appealing to your dog as your duck and chicken sticks. Failing the above, you should at least cut down on the sticks. If your dog eats a bit less, she will be a bit thinner. If she eats a lot less, she will be a lot thinner. Stop feeding her so much. Honestly, it is down to you and there is no magic answer in a different food.