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Iams ProActive Health Dog Food

Iams was founded by animal nutritionist Paul F. Iams in 1946 and has been pioneering and utilising scientific research for over 60 years to develop the most nutritionally balanced diets for your pets. Iams realises the importance of tailoring nutrition to meet the needs of various different ages, sizes and breeds of dog, so you can be assured your canine companion is receiving the very best in dietary and nutritional care. The foods are of the highest quality and contain innovative nutritionally blended ingredients to promote complete health and vitality, whilst being highly palatable to appeal to even the fussiest appetites. Just as Paul F. Iams dedicated time to understanding the needs of dogs and breeders, nutritionists at Iams have spent time learning the importance of protein and the role of fat in pet food diets, so dogs are sufficiently catered for in terms of energy and internal nourishment and protection. All Iams foods contain a high proportion of protein-rich chicken, blended wholegrain cereals and various fibres, fish oils and antioxidants for complete dietary support.

Picture of an Iams Dog