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ZiwiPeak Dog Food

ZiwiPeak is a New Zealand based pet food manufacturer that produces completely natural dog foods, packed with the finest quality ingredients for the health and vitality of your canine companion. The foods in ZiwiPeak's range contain nutrients that replicate those obtained in the wild, providing a wholesome and tailored diet for the internal nourishment and protection of all dogs, irrespective of age, size or breed. Combining carefully selected raw ingredients, including quality meat proteins sourced from the rural ZiwiPeak ranch in New Zealand, as well as specially blended vitamins, minerals and fibres to strengthen and support your dog's natural defenses and enhance the condition of its skin and coat. The natural diets are free from all artificial ingredients and are not bulked out with allergy exacerbating grains or cereals, removing the potential for digestive discomfort. ZiwiPeak offers a highly digestible and palatable diet to appeal to the most selective appetites.