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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Cat Food

This is an extensive range of Royal Canin diets for cats which emphasize different aspects of feline health care nutrition. Where possible Royal Canin always takes into account the specific needs of your cat. They believe that tailor-made foods will help your cat to be in the best condition possible as they know that every cat is different. For this reason they have created a range of foods to suit a variety of different breeds, ages, sensitivities and ways of life. Royal Canin works in line with the latest scientific research to provide your cat with the highest quality diets.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition includes diets targeted at specific needs which are subtly different from standard diets, providing a choice for those owners with cats of specific needs. There are foods which have been specifically formulated to suit the different life stages of cats - kittens, young male cats, young female cats or senior cats etc. Also diets for indoor cats, or those prone to hairballs. For every particular sensitivity, Royal Canin have a suitable diet.

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