Boasting a 177-year history, Stubbs Ltd has been finely engineering equine goods for a global market since its founding in 1836, proudly doing so in the heart of England. Highly respected as a premium equestrian brand, Stubbs puts quality at the forefront of its innovations, striving to provide excellence in its comprehensive range of products. Utilising many years of experience and expertise, Stubbs manufactures everything from trolleys and barrows, to tack room, stable and yard accessories, providing practical solutions that incorporate durability, functionality and value. Renowned worldwide as a skillful and trustworthy company, passionate in its vision to distribute only the finest quality goods, Stubbs has established a concrete reputation for itself which it undertakes to uphold. Observed in some of the world's most prestigious stable yards, Stubbs' British-made products combine traditional values based on excellence and function, with an appealing, modern look. Perhaps the most telling sign of Stubbs' accomplishment is found in its long-serving staff and loyal customers, with one customer having reputedly supported Stubbs for over 100 years.

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