Billy & Margot

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Our much-loved Labrador Billy gave me the idea for Billy + Margot Iced Treats, the first ever ice-cream specially designed for dogs to enjoy.

Billy was a special Labrador, full of life and everlastingly greedy…his favourite treat was ice-cream!  He loved it, but as a trained nutritionist I knew it contained a whole list of ingredients that would play havoc with his canine digestive system.

Like many besotted dog lovers, I hated depriving Billy of a delicious treat he really loved.  I thought if you can buy special doggy treats, why not doggy ice-cream too?  With my training and background, the natural progression for me was to develop my own dog-friendly ‘ice-cream’.  Packed with natural ingredients and with an emphasis on canine health and nutrition, my resulting range of enticingly flavoured iced treats meant that Billy could relish his own guilty pleasure, with all the guilt removed.

Although Billy + Margot treats are perfect for hot summer days, they also serve a really useful purpose helping dogs to cool down after long hot car journeys or any kind of strenuous exercise.  Simply remove the lid, hold the tub and let your dog gratefully lick the iced treat inside.