In 2006 - believing that pet owners were tired of boring treats, made from cheap ingredients with artificial colours and preservatives and marketed only to children - we launched 'Naturals' and from the sales and reaction of consumers since it appears we were right. 

We believed treats could be healthier and enrich a pet's life, so 'Naturals' is about more interesting and better quality ingredients with less processing and packaging: great looking treats will sell themselves and we'd rather spend our money on better ingredients than wasteful packaging! We use ingredients like ginkgo, nettle, dandelion, beetroot and coneflower that naturally provide essential vitamins, minerals, bioflavanoids and fibre and are highly palatable. 

Many of the treats will appeal to a variety of pets so you can offer customers a greater choice of products in less space, encouraging more sales and repeat business. We also like to make some of them a challenge to eat which relieves boredom and makes treats last longer, so despite their quality they are also great value (compare our herbal pack weights to those of other brands). Finally, look out for the new products in the range!