Anyone who's a fan of felines will know that cats are different and while some absolutely love to be fussed with cat food treats and cuddles, others are much happier climbing trees and patrolling the neighbourhood.

However, whether your furry friend loves being pampered or runs at the sight of a brush, every pet owner should give their cat a good groom at some point.

Cats are independent animals by nature and many moggies will take care of their washing and grooming themselves, but even if your cat seems fit and healthy with a shiny, tangle-free coat, it's worth taking the time to give them a once-over every so often.

Not only is Grooming a great opportunity for you to bond with your four-legged friend, but it also gives you the chance to check for any signs of ill-health and ensure that their skin and coat are in good condition.

The level of grooming required will depend on the breed of your cat and their hair-length, but in general grooming needn't last for any longer than five or ten minutes.

For a short-haired cat, a grooming session roughly once a week with a fine-tooth metal comb followed by a natural bristle or rubber brush should be sufficient, but if you have a long-haired feline, it may be necessary to do this every day.

Gently brush or comb the fur in the direction it naturally grows, being extra-careful around sensitive areas such as the chest, belly and tails, and tease out any knots with your fingers.

Use this time to help your cat get used to being petted in every area, including ears, back and paws, but if your moggy seems stressed don't be afraid to cut the session short and come back to it when they're calmer.

Remember, patience is key; your cat may resist the brush at first, but after a few sessions with plenty of praise and care, they should learn that grooming is a pleasurable experience.

Written by: Hannah