Technology helps the owner of a wandering blind cat!

Wouldn’t it be fab if you could find your missing pets with ease or if you could get an alert if they leave your set range?
So what has this got to do with my recent holiday, read on and you’ll find out…

Last week I took a well earned break from the VioVet office to spend the week with a friend who lives in Italy with her menagerie of rescued animals and pets. I do this trip every year in September but this year I was particularly keen to see how technology helps one particular cat.

Tommy the Cat (that’s his full name) is blind but he loves to roam and explore despite his lack of sight. It is astonishing how he finds his way around. His eyes have been removed but nothing will stop him living a full life. He is a real inspiration but a real worry too for his owner and her family.
When she can’t find him - is he sleeping on a bed upstairs or exploring an outbuilding? Maybe a neighbour has invited him in for some dinner? Or perhaps he is exploring the gardens or surrounding fields? There are so many places a cat can be!

My friend likes to go to bed knowing Tommy is inside at night. He would be defenceless against predators unlike sighted cats. So with the introduction of a locating device, called the Loc8tor, it seemed to be the answer to her prayers. A recent purchase has made life a lot safer for this roaming feline.

To call this a ‘working holiday’ is stretching the truth but I did want to see this product in a real-life situation so I took the opportunity of making a videoclip when Tommy the Cat needed finding.

I saw first-hand how a gadget gives peace-of-mind to Tommy the Cat’s owner and I’m delighted to say it works really well. So when Tommy the Cat had wandered off when we wanted to go out for the day I was keen to see just how long it would take to locate him using technology.

Before watching the video ask yourself the following:
a) can Tommy the Cat be found in less than a minute?
b) can Tommy the Cat be found in over a minute?
Now watch the video to find out!

You can read more about this amazing cat as he has his own Facebook page

Written by: Adam