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If there is one thing all horse owners desire it is to improve and maintain their horse's condition, whatever its discipline, workload and state of fitness. A balanced diet combining adequate forage will maintain your horse to a good degree but there will be times in every horse's life and career when condition is lost and muscle needs rebuilding. The market offers a wide range of supplements specifically for this purpose but choosing the right one is important. Two of the world's top riders explain what they use and why.

International show jumper and Hickstead Derby winner Trevor Breen commented: "We have been using Equitop Myoplast for the last few years on all our horses from 4 year olds to 5* Grand Prix horses. It allows the horse to put on more muscle in a shorter space of time. The results have spoken for themselves when you look at the horses in our yard. Thanks Equitop Myoplast for a super product that actually does the job."

Supporting the muscle growth and repair process is vital in performance horses, whether they race, show, event or jump, horses that are returning to work following a period of rest or convalescence, and older horses that are struggling to maintain condition. To achieve this, your horse relies on "essential amino acids," which are needed to support protein production in the body.

How is muscle developed?

Muscle is protein, made up of chains of amino acids. It is useful to think of these as the building blocks or raw ingredients needed for muscle renewal, repair and healing. Horses can produce some amino acids themselves, but need to derive these essential ones from their diet. Without them, the muscle turnover process isn't supported and condition cannot be improved.

When a horse is worked, its muscle protein is turned over at a faster rate and the need for amino acids is greater. Muscle tissue experiences low-level stress damage during exercise and training, which the body works to repair. For horses in competition and training or those resuming exercise after a period of rest, amino acids are more critical than ever, helping to support muscle condition and growth, as well as the tissue turnover process.

Another winning show jumper who believes in the benefits of this product is Nicole Pavitt who won this year's Newcomers at HOYS. She says: "Equitop Myoplast is amazing for overall condition and enhances muscle development and maintenance."

Veterinary recommendation

Equitop Myoplast also has veterinary recommendation. Vet John Cousins, BVsc MRCVS, from online equine retailer explains: "These essential amino acids help to build lean muscle mass in horses with diminished top line and condition, without causing weight gain through the unnecessary inclusion of oils or fats. It can be a huge aid to recovery from injury and also benefits performance and appearance."

Ultimately the proof will come from customer opinion and it certainly seems to live up to the marketing. 93% of users would recommend the product and it receives 5 star reviews from customers at VioVet.

Recommended by a number of top performance riders, Equitop Myoplast provides readily available, easily digestible ingredients that form an essential part of the horse's diet. Regular use of the supplement has been shown to facilitate healthy muscle growth, in turn improving strength, speed, stamina, and overall condition.

Written by: Hannah